kyodai Mahjongg 21.42

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A game to connect pieces, the same as the Shanghai type.

Some games and pastimes have been around for a very long time. Perhaps one of the oldest, and we are talking centuries old here, is the ancient Chinese puzzle game of Mahjongg. Most people probably know about this game of different tiles, where the object is pair up tiles of the same desing to remove them from the pile. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that you can only remove tiles that are free on at least two sides. If you like to play this game, then you need to get hold of this program, called Kyodai Mahjongg. As you might guess, Kyodai Mahjongg is a digital version of the classic Mahjongg. You have six different game modes.

Your mission in Kyodai Mahjongg is to eliminate in pairs all the pieces on the table. To do this the game offers you a very intuitive user interface full of features which enable you to really engross yourself in this amazing 3D version. There are 8 Mahjongg boards to choose from, you can choose to play against the computer or in multi-player mode, you can select one of dozens of tile designs and also the layouts.

In Kyodai Mahjongg there is also a lot of choice for the oriental music to be able to play in harmony, and you can opt for 2D or 3D.

So now you know. If you want a game of Mahjongg that has clearly been designed by someone who loves what they do, then you need Kyodai Mahjongg. And you can download it for free!


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